Was what I experienced after the dream sleep paralysis?

So what happened was I was listening to music and then I fell asleep, woke up and I actually thought it was irl so I was gonna get ready for school when I hear my family get in the whirlpool bath, and so I did to. Then all of a sudden I examine music played with no headphones on and I accidentally said aloud that I am dreaming everyone turned around and told be to shhhhh, don’t say that. Then right after I saw a face is available on an objective and said you don’t picture me or something like that I kinda forgot what he said and I came thrown out, before I came thrown out though I investigated the eyes roll back and I really find white-hot. I then what seemed like to be sleep paralysis I was lying down not moving and the music seemed like to turn down, tried screaming to wake up and couldn’t. I then became allay and then I was able to move cause I didn’t wanna turn the sleep paralysis into a coherent dream or astral projection. And if this is relevant before this dream I had a dream that I went kidnapped.

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