The naked soul

The Naked Soul

“When I “ve got nothing” to lose, I had everything. When I stopped being who I am, I encountered myself” 11 hours Paulo Coelho

When you have a book eating junk on your shelve for years and unexpectedly you decide to read it, when “youre on” your transition tour and every statement of the book reacts your questions .. this is no fledglings luck, this is your true-life desire of reinventing yourself ..

When you embark on your modulation outing you need to be ready to face the brand-new now with your naked someone, you need to un-learn, mistrust, give up your dreams, your hopes, your feelings, determined your loved ones free .. face your journeying with no form , no holds , no home , no appoint , no past know-hows … precisely your exceedingly naked soul!

The answers are immaterial, the excursion of giving up everything and tread the direction with your spirit is scary, so you learn to cease panic! You stop being the you that was invented by society, parents and religion. You really become the you that is meant to be, only then you are you now, and every now ever after.


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