The preferable state of existence

I was watching this two videos and they engender me to write this post

https :// www.youtube.com/ watch? v= toVNeTrwbtc

https :// www.youtube.com/ watch? v= V1oJAjVLuP4

Most people don’t feel terminated/ at peace/ joyou, so they seek to fulfill their hopes as a mean to achieve that feeling.

Fulfilling a want( e.g. dining menu) acquires “youre feeling” complete for a few moments, but there is so many unfulfilled lusts, so this feeling of completeness is short-change lived You are already happy/ fulfilled/ ended, your thoughts make it not so( like clouds obscuring the sun ). When you detect your genuine soul, that you are all things, you feel ended and joyous.

In this process we affix ourselves to things that represents us feel terminated, but all thing are transient. So when the things that we like do what is natural to them we suffer.

The rectify is to

Pay attention to your thoughts( wars from the body are externalization of the head ), by musing you can learn mindfulness, through mindfulness you can be aware of your thoughts and replace the bad ones with grateful and pity submitted by / u/ diogov9 [ connect ] [ comments ]

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