Extroverted Introvert (124)

Have you ever felt that you love speaking to people but then when a big group of beings will stimulate you away from wanting to speak? Feeling desirous. That’s ok.

Through day to era man, I do my best but I know when it comes to speaking about my vulnerabilities, it stirs me take a moment back to breathe and realign my thoughts.

Today is a new day. Today is a new day to start something new, to start focusing on something that has a strong feeling of acquaintance with.

Here in Canada, its been cold and snowy in the past week. I desire the blizzard. I love the coldnes temperature, I affection walking outside and feeling the fresh air breathing in from Mother Earth. When we apply ourselves a moment to breathe, when we take a moment to step back, we then can come back even stronger.

Through all forecast, through all circumstances, through everything life tries to push us back and propagandize us down with, we PUSH BACK.

I love you.

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