Toxic positivity and reality based thinking

I’m out of work for 10 months because of Covid, my senility, overqualification , not being from such areas where I moved to a year ago, gender, never married , no children status.

Im open to PM if it can be productive and helpful.

Not everyone is liked in this world.

Not everyone is loved in this world.

Some beings are shunned.

Some beings are intelligent and are shunned because of it.

Some parties culminated up homeless which results in everyone giving you advice who has never been homeless, never completed grad school, never lived on their own without parents, spouse

I’m at rock bottom. I was put now because I made a job where I was( color as in off-color scoot) and the environmental issues was( color as in dark-green scoot ), and largely comprises of local people who were born and raised here.

I was raised in a high income, highly competitive and drilled country up North. I left at age 18. Mothers were abusive and Narcissistic.

So I am part of the blue race. I espoused that hue to make this neutral. I made a chore where it was chiefly dark-green race here in the South.

I was exposed to diversity up North; however, in the South, there is much work of racial antagonism. There is tension if you’re from the North and arrive in the South. There is tension if you are liberal and live in a Republican State.

Aside from my abusive genealogy, I never knew what hatred was almost like until I came to the South. As a woman, I am hated.

What happens when you are disliked; abrupt task termination for no reason, loss of money and apt, and homelessness.

This State craves people to end up homeless because they get more Federal funding to give out gave menu at pantries, while pocketing and investing the taxfree money. Its a business.

Many homeless people die in their 50 s.

People love to give advice like we dont know what situates to call.

What people wont accept is( world) bc they havent been there.

They assume a homeless person needs intellect.

They assume there’s free housing, free currency, free everything when that isnt true.

This state outsourced their State workforce program to a 3rd defendant marketer that is out of State.

They are designed to help people get their GED, or get into a blue collar trade job, onetime incarcerated people, return to work curricula for parties on sound benefits.

But the program necessitates parties to sit in on courses to learn how to write resumes, interview for a position, and improve the poor person’s confidence back up.

I dont need that kind of training.

The company administrative deputy said, look on our website, we’re hiring.

And they are, but there is one Manager job that requires recent management experience. That is one way HR can eliminate a person. You could have managed 5 years ago and then made as an individual contributor. But they can turn you down for not having coped people recently.

That job liquidates the most minimum that I could live on and get an apt.

But, it requires networking with local employers are required to drum up business to see if they are able to hire people who come from this program.

I spent a year originate those outreach calls myself( i used to work in recruiting ), and no one would hire me because of my senility, unemployment during Covid, income needs to get an apt ., previously filed EEOC lawsuit in field against the prior supervisor that aborted me

Its involved if you arent familiar with elements of unjust terminations associated with age and retaliation issues.

So I’m blacklisted.

But this admin auxiliary who works for this 3rd party outsourced fellowship and who told me to apply to work directly for them is “too positive.” She told me her life story, married, grown children , no college. And shehad her husband’s income to support her.

When people say, “keep trying, dont give up, ” and “youve had” $ 500 left, sleeping in your vehicle, and they think you can rebound from good-for-nothing.

When the car insurance missteps, the storage measurement statement comes due, and you have no place to shower or coin to float until a first paycheck…

Some employers like to hire the woman who isnt an achiever, who is content working as an admin because her spouse corroborates her, and who scarcities street smarts and showing to our very cruel world.

She seems to think, I should still try.

So when my $500 runs out, I havent showered, cant fit into my invests due to weight gain from poor nutrition from sleeping in my vehicle, how can a homeless person transition to working a FT job that requires networking, organizing parties, professional form, and a work onsite and virtually( hybrid environment)

All she saw when she noticed the job was the bribe and location.

I mentioned I am homeless because thats my barricade. And she didnt flinch. She said but this would get you started.

Again, parties, how do you get started from living in your vehicle , no apt, obligation that has to be paid,( i dont need business advice ), when realistically you have no money to tide you over

Jobs take 2+ moes to interview over phone, in person, background check to start year to first paycheck.

Id still is in accordance with my automobile, and would need gas posters, a residence to shower,

Housing for virtual wield necessitates lodge, rental, WiFi, uninterrupted project opening at home,

I used to have money, my own home. I know what it costs to live. And I had a living wage income back then. None of this living in car, shunned from civilization, told to go to a awning plan that cant help you( they’re full, germy, sleep robbed ).

Im open to PM


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