I am new to all of this. I need advice and reassurance that I am not alone in my feelings about life.

I have always believed that life is nothing more than a biological actuality. We are born and then we die. That is it with no higher power, role or meaning to life.

Recently, I have been going through a change of feelings and beliefs and I do not believe that this is all there is to lifetime. I do not believe that what is am experiencing in this life in this body is the entirety of my live. I have a strong connection with a certain point in record and truly is confident that I existed in that time. I genuinely believe that I have has past lives.

As I said, I am new to this and feel overtook that my understanding of life has changed and my brand-new understanding of existence conversions everything for me. That tell me anything, I am struggling with certain things. I have tried to follow meditation videos to meet my feel guides but my body tenses up and my mind races so I do not read or suffer anything. I think this is a fear associated response as what I am trying to experience is unknown and new to me.

I am also experiencing a bit of fear in my bedroom at night. When it is dark and I am trying to go to sleep my feeling scoots and I am am dread of my reflected attires. I have suffered this fear of a mirror when it is pitch black in my office a handful of periods throughout my life but it has become constant this week at night since I have started to explore my spirituality.

Do you have any advice or advice for me?

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