the significance of cats

I am just wondering if anyone knows about or has had experience with the spiritual meaning of “cat-o-nine-tails”. For situation, a marry months ago, one of my roommates was moving out and get a subleaser, and I precisely “ve been waiting for”/ had a feeling that this new person would be helpful on my spiritual tour because that would be a nice presence to have in the house. She’s incredible, but what’s really strange( in a good way) is her cats. She accompanied two charming male cats with her, and they have really taken to me. I’ve never had a cat or anything, so I was surprised. They immediately decided to spend all their time in my apartment, which I affection, but is a little strange because they don’t have their bunks or scratching announces or litter box in now, but are in my office for the majority of the day. It’s a somewhat large house and they don’t favor any chamber but mine. Likewise, they really like me. They’re always coming up to me and doing that low-spirited purr which I’ve detected is a good thing. If I’m laying down the one will just come be participating in my dresser. If I’m doing homework he will stand instantly on my keyboard and look at me. The shy one curls up on my pillow or futon at all times. I pet them and they do their low-toned purr and sometimes lick my hand. They sleep late my chamber. Sometimes they just stare at me lol. Mostly, we devote lane more time together than anyone in the house, including their owner.

So, and I apologize for such a long story, but is there anything deeper here? One of your best friend who is pretty spiritual has told me that there is some significance to “cat-o-nine-tails”. Is there a deeper gist? Has anyone else had its own experience?

Thanks in advance for any penetration, or just for say this.

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