Spiritual bypassing?

Just heard the call spiritual bypassing today and It certainly gave me a lot to think about. Spiritual bypassing is; exerting spiritual truths in order to deny reality. We develop actuality with our thoughts, they shape how we act, routine and feel. We need to become aware of the reality we have already originated, if not then that is denial and will effect problems and potential peril. I know you all know this world is based around poise; too much of anything is bad, everything in moderation, there must be evil for good to exist. “Were not receiving” ignited without darkness and vice versa. The question with spiritual bypassing is not everything can be love and glowing and connecting to higher features. There’s( Light work) then there’s( pall handiwork ). Both operate on light frequency, dark work.has nothing to do with dark worship or esoteric. These two spiritual rehearsals is different but both needed to be practised to reach your best( highest self ). But as I said before balance is key to everything. Too much light work and your neglect your dark soul needing make. Very much shadow use and then your fail the Light work your higher dimensional ego needs. So why not try both and not only focus on one. They are both super important spiritual traditions. Focusing too much on one spiritual theory or tradition of any kind reasons spiritual bypassing .. We reject actuality and offset itself by focusing on this one thing, very similar to escapism. So if this sounds interested in you please conducted an investigation into( shadow office) the practice of realizing and shining light onto our subconscious decorations, to transform them into helpful ones other than hurtful ones.( Light work) these best practices of infusing higher frequencies into our current reality. So give them both a try if u miss, it won’t hurt, but cure. Thanks for read. 🙂

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