Life is a mirror.

I know beings typically say paraphrases like life is a mirror but could never be seen to what extent it translates into reality until recently. I’m frequently good at noticing structures in lifetime – meaning how sure-fire passions/ speculations/ nations of beings lead to certain actions or results. As of lately, I are caught up how the outer life is literally a thoughtfulnes of my government of being. For instance, when I’m stressed out, in a bad state of mind, or feeling shitty for whatever reason all of a sudden my outer actuality becomes messy( like my apartment ), coincidences happen more often, come across parties I don’t truly want to be around, I say things at the wrong hour or become a bit instinctive. An when I’m in a great mood/ being more positive more girlfriends/ people, in general – are attracted to me, I find that “good’ things happen more, the day vanishes smoothly, I have better “luck” etc.

There are many ways to explain this. I conceive a Regulation of the universe is as you give you get, discipline also has this thing called R.A.S( Reticular Activating System) – a short the purpose of explaining R.A.S moves like this…the things you focus on you find more of ex. If you’re looking to buy a new TESLA you’ll start to see more TESLAS in the most random ways( they were always there but now since you devoted it more attention you start to see the things that were already there … Too, I believe your creeds literally start your reality( In a sense it’s like the existing legislation of fascination .)

I say all this because if you look at our world and the things we’re currently experiencing is a one to one thinking of our collective consciousness. I see this in many areas of life. I live in NYC and if you live here or ever called you can see this law in action by taking a stroll down 5th ave and then going to the slums/ punks in Brooklyn. There’s a huge difference and I believe this is due to the mind-states of the people in those particular field.

I can go more in detail about this but don’t want to talk your hearing off. It’s something I’ve been studying for a while and for sure I find this to be true. Recently I’ve made a YouTube video explaining this in visual structure. I find the fact that we watch ourselves as individuals we lack empathy for each other. If we start to see each other/ our outer actuality as ourselves then we are to be able analyse one another and our world much better. I examine “us coming together” as the next stage in our growth .. Realizing that we are truly all one. Like different parts of the same body. Give this some thought.

Here’s a link to the video I offset. All feedback is good feedback. Thanks, beloved.

https :// www.youtube.com/ watch? v= ZLVSkR-zzdg& aspect= youtu.be& ab_channel= ImYuri

If you have any questions about this topic, I’m happy to help/ usher you to information or works speaking this very topic. If you have any lessons or judges feel free to share.

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