Can anyone else relate ?

I had my spiritual rouse almost one year ago and I’ve been working really hard on being my absolute best soul and bettering my life! In high school I was super depressed and I felt I has no such real friends and was pretty lonely.

But Now after doing lots of healing and toiling rigorously on self desire I’ve noticed so many people want to hang around me now. Im getting lots of verses and requests to go out even from beings I haven’t seen in a very long time. It’s super weird and crazy. Merely today I’ve gotten three texts from three different beings I haven’t considered to be in a awhile !!

The craziest part is; in high school I would’ve killed to be me right now with parties actually inviting me residences and wanting to be my friend but now that I’ve learned to appreciate my own corporation and feel super secure and confident with myself I basically turn away all of these people. Don’t get me wrong I love to entertain and have fun but the thing is…my vigor tends to drain very quickly around certain people so I try to protect myself and choice wisely who I spend time with! Whereas before I felt like I had to live for other parties which started me squander my era hanging around others who took my energy from me and gave me nothing in return and the only reason I agreed to be around them was because I felt I owed it to them just since they are expected.

A part of me feels crazy for turning down all of these requests to do amazing things, I’ve heard from others that “odd requests” are a sign that you may run into an opportunity you’ve been revealing. But I precisely have this feeling in my gut..like protecting my force is the right thing!

Has anyone had same knows? Or any opinion?

I appreciate your time and I’m sending so much love to you all, local communities has been a blessing to my life [?] I hope you all have a peaceful weekend! 444

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