Can anyone help me understand my odd and new subconscious behaviour?

About five days ago my S/ O told me I came out of bed and sauntered into the living room, as if I was checking for a light-footed that was left on. I is definitely no remember of doing so( I don’t remember waking up that night) and figured it was a one off so didn’t take all that much notice of it. The following nighttime I caught myself in the act of doing the exact same thing – my thought process being my S/ O wasn’t in berthed, I must have taken up too much gap, they probably were sleeping on the couch. When I meet they weren’t there I went to get my phone to message and apologise that they had an painful stay before realising they weren’t actually staying at my situate that night. It’s happened 3x since and 2x in the same night.

Please note we’ve been together for 3 years& I’ve just moved into my own plaza, however I’ve always been used to sleeping alone. Any steering would be much appreciated, happy to clarify any q’s if needed!

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