Soul name, what impact does this have?

About a month ago I discovered my someone call. It came to me in a foreign writing. First I had to determine the language – Arabic. Then I went through a newborn appoints website and located the thing that was like what I ensure. I knew it was Ah, Ash, As something. asy So I find it. Asiya. Then I appear it up and the degrees of the significance of this name in multiple cultures and doctrines scared the crap out of me. I threw my phone, squealed out loud, precipitated to my knees and started crying.

Exodus had always been my favorite section. The signify if Asiya in Judaism still mystifies me( infancy Catholic background ).

Any revelations or advice from the community? What’s is a( being) name? That which we call a Soul by any other name would reek as sweetened!

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