Am I giving up if I try to get diagnosed with ADHD and medicated?

I hate big-hearted pharma and I guess medications are wayyy over prescribed. For pattern, I used to work at a holistic accumulate and beings would come in saying their thyroids all messed up because of the blood pressure medication they’re on. Then I’d ask why do they have hypertension and they’d say stress. So target the stress! Of course you’ll have other backlashes if you suppress one symptom but not the effect.

I’ve been on anti depressants and disliked what they did to me. I decided to get off of them , not knowing how insane I’d be and what psyche kills were. Luckily, after a hellish year I came off and that was a few years ago. But I still struggle with ADHD and have my whole life. I’ve never been diagnosed but I “ve got all the” evidences. Beings “re making fun” of me saying I’m super ADD. It’s funny until I recognise how much of my life is screwed up from it. The longest place I’ve braced is 9 months. Not because I be fired but because I quit. I go crazy staying at a boring entryway grade undertaking for too long. I have a higher IQ but no real sciences. I have various interests but they’re in hard disciplines and I can’t afford to go back to clas for a masters and PhD. Plus my GPA from undergrad was shocking since I would forget assignments or even to show up to class lol. Never did the learnings or given attention. No hypothesi how I got a degree.

I struggle to do hassles, but fortunately my bf is amazing and does almost all cases for us. Which attains “i m feeling” sickening. Im like a child but I’m in my upper 20 s. I strive remaining focused, ensure my spirits, and have a million other symptoms that have given rise to me barely making any money. I have insomnia and can’t sleep unless I take sleeping pill most nights. Last nighttime I went 2 hours of sleep and had to take off work today from being too dizzy. I can’t sleep because I’m overly sensitive to sounds at night as well as fancying which impedes me mentally awake but physically depleted.

I’ve tried meditating, gulp manipulate, activity, getting daylight, etc. it helps but does not resolve anything. I understand the route my ability directs and trying to mesh that with how to survive in this world is like trying to fit a square peg in a round puncture. But what I demand in my life asks faithfulnes and focus. And I can’t seem to maintain that for too long without getting amused. I know if I go to the doctor, get diagnosed, and prescribed a stimulant like Ritalin or Adderall, it’ll help me tremendously. But I don’t believe in shortcuts in mood and I know the consequences are the long term aftermaths. I’m precisely going frantic and starting to think that even though our sentiments are exceptionally potent, sometimes our people have certain restrictions that need an extra boost. But maybe I’m precisely keep lying to myself.

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