Self Worth

I obviously am aware that I must lack self worth somewhere( not feeling good enough ). I think this has to do mainly because of my weight. I was overweight MY WHOLE LIFE. About ten years ago I had a surgery that allowed me to lose 130 lbs. I have all along been gained 30 lbs back and am working on losing it. It is coming off. but why do I target my self importance on my heavines?

It carries over to relationships because I consider myself a good person, fairly, funny, steadfast and smart-alecky. I’m an stunning partner! However, every time I get involved with someone eventually thoughts creep in how I’m not good enough. Being left on read is a HUGE trigger for me because of an age-old harmful rapport from year ago.

So, I am talking with a brand-new gentleman and I like him. This is the first guy I’ve liked since a heartache last year. I know the man is going thru some nonsense but idk being left on read doesn’t sit right with me. It held yesterday very but then we dissolved up having a nice conversation … so I know it’s not because he doesn’t like me but my intelligence likes to play tricks.

If you’ve read this far, I love you. Even if you didn’t I still love you.

Any opinion would be helpful.

Edit was my typos.

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