The 8 Limbs of Yoga by Patanjali

In order to compete with the succinct documents from other spiritual flows, Hindu saints, sages, pastors and philosophers began to create what we now call the six academies of Hinduism. These are the closest things we have to “Hindu orthodoxy” as all of them view the Vedas as a primary generator of truth, where as Buddhism and Jainism have repudiated specific areas of the Vedas.

I think in Western society we feel dislike when we hear of things like the Catholic Church or any huge and powerful university ignoring their own “rules” previously set in stone( quite literally set in stone in the Ten Commandments ). We appreciate these people who gain power and then flagrantly modify patterns as hypocrites.

In Hinduism, there is no point in time when someone says “here are all of the rules, they will not change and if you do not follow them you are not Hindu”. There is no institution. Outside of a few cases outliers, assertion on one path of being exactly never happens in Hindu and Vedic literature because one of the infinite the main theme of the Vedas is to begin and be developed further a collective, experimental spiritual excursion , not end one.

Adding to the Vedas, commenting on spiritual textbooks and teach beings brand-new skills in modern times to harness the superpower of the Spirit is not in any way against the texts that came before your own. Like anything in Hinduism, there really is no concrete, dualistic Right and Wrong that are completely defined. Like everything in soul, what is good and what is bad are on unbelievably complicated spectrums. Good and Bad are not unchangeable truths or principles….

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