Enjoy some differences between science and spirituality and its people

Discipline is how. Put how in your questions and you will discover science.

Put why in your questions. And you will discover spirituality

For example, how our form creations. Science is born

Why our body employs. Spiritual bliss is born

2. Dissection is science. Break all into parts and understand. Then utilise the whole

All acceptance is spirituality. All is and nothing to be understood. Just joy. Enjoy.

For example, a lover of discipline may talk about hotshots in ways of light years and intensity etc.

A spiritual one will just enjoy the stars. The whole actuality

Discipline is the art of knowing their own bodies and thoughts and universe

Spirituality is the art of knowing time oneself and hence detecting the omnipresence.

A technical one will linger longer. Even at extinction berthed, solving some more.

A spiritual one, a indeed realise one, will only close the eyes and get. At armistice. Nothing to ask. Nothing to enquire. Good-for-nothing to answer

much love and peace to you

Please add more to this as you wish. Let’s enjoy.

Note: I replied this to a beautiful spirit. Modified and made this post. Thank you

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