Tarot cards and psychics

I had a reading done recently and a few cases things stood out to me and I kinda wanted to see if anyone had an opinion on this or maybe some kind of similar suffer. The speak I had was very intense and I almost had a feeling of finding out some deep revelation, let me elaborate. I’m friends with someone who has been using tarot placards for sometime mainly as a diversion and interest and she always asks if I’d like a reading and I’ve always been apprehensive about getting my fortune or reading done or whatever they call it because I simply ever thought it was just like the zodiac, kinda hit or miss tendencies about beings. So I’d always push it off and I’d say next time next time or when I have the time but I think it was mostly me simply not being ready for some kind of new information about myself but one day I eventually caved because she said she had a new deck of cards and for some reason I pictured why not! So she sits me down and says who should we ask for penetration and I said, how about God? And, she impelled and said aloud, God render us your send. And then she started shuffling the floor and then she started pulling out these placards one by one and the first card was of a woman who was older and she had a bird, and then she gathered out another placard with the status of women in light-green and she had earthy type vibe with butterflies and tiny chicks, and the next one was another woman this one with an owl and one card slipped out of the deck and I approximate those count too because she said this card is a symbol for you being aligned like it was a long beam of light coming down from the stars and she indicate that it entailed I’m ever on time like it meant something along the lines of me being in tune with the universe and it jaunted me out but she went further and said the women posters everyone has fowls and butterflies and she said the chicks like the owl and crow are like my watchers from the tone realm and it kinda jaunted me out because in the mornings sometimes when I wake up I hear an owl screeching adjacent apparently in a tree outback but I never see it. Well I told her that and she said what does the owl sound like, provoked, scared and I exactly thought it chimes chill but then something struck me because this is even more weird because I remember this owl being noisier than normal and a few days later it stopped and I didn’t pay any spirit but a few days later I come to find out my next door neighbor passed away he had a heart attack poor guy rip. But, regardless I started thinking of the owl and how he was going crazy. So I contemplated whoa that’s why he was sending me a ratify maybe about my neighbours impending fate. Well that reading really made me think that there is really things going on and I don’t know everything she was telling me time clicked because she was so spot on about the women in my life and how one of them clears me happy I know who that’s about she’s a new friend I had cleared recently because when we first satisfied we just hit it off but the butterflies don’t show up a lot she said and that’s how she knew that it was a big deal for me. My question is how accurate are these deciphers? Because she got a lot of stuff right about me and I just felt not upset but kind of happy because I felt I’m on the right path whatever that entails. Anyway thank you for predict I’d love some input but regardless take care you lovely parties. Namaste.

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