I have an overwhelming need to defend my ego when I’ve been disrespected

I had an online interaction where I made an observation formulated as an issue, and one person responded with a 😛 TAGEND

Uhhh , no? Lmfao.

I don’t intellect being disagreed with, but when I recognize “Lmfao” unnecessarily are in addition in, it prompts me SO HARD.

It’s that air of predominance that comes me; like this person is indirectly saying “I’m better than you, ” and in the moment all I can feel is anger.

I had considered precisely rejecting it, but I couldn’t. It feels like “losing.” It becomes me feel weak. It draws me feel like I’m allowing this person to precisely bully me, so I HAVE to respond and give this person is a well-known fact that they’re not better than me.

And that sounds bad, but it’s not like I’m out there trying to prove to the world that I’m better everyone; it’s just when someone toxic tries to prove that they’re better than me it comes out. And like I said before, had this person just simply disagreed with me, I wouldn’t have had a problem.

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