Seems like bliss and peace, takes some discipline

I am glad I paused and meditated tonight. Despite not sleeping huge, and simply craving simple gratifications today, I burst through the resist and sat for a meditation.

Once again I was transported into another state of mind. I was glad to see that I choose to do it.

Last night I had a strong event with this, precisely sitting and seeing, it stimulated me to try it again tonight.

And after the musing I sat and precisely sat. Thought about what I was search. Noticed how harmonious and different I felt.

I reflected on this feeling that being in that state, tranquility, peace…is different than daily solace trying. Its not Tv or video games, its not desert or sex.

Maybe depending on your life this glances different. I belief for me its an indication of how much of those simple gratifications I fill my day with. And there’s an affection there, that creates resistance to let go.

Sitting in a placid room, and merely being present with a appease nonviolent ability, it feels so good, but I can see the praying of those other distractions too.

Worried me a bit , discover those things. I want to make an effort to pursue this deeper commonwealth more often. Its hard to notice how much those distractions can occupy life.

Craving or searching the hushed pacify substance must take practice. I feel so immature in that way sometimes.

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