Broke up with my boyfriend yesterday

This is so much harder than I would’ve expected. We had been having some disagreements on some things about our relationship but still the breakup came so abruptly. My boyfriend( well ex, since yesterday) realized that he isn’t ready for a real, long-term relationship with anyone. He experiences it uncomfortable to have only one person that he should is under an obligation and that he should limit his doings because of this person or persons. And I understand. He had a 2 year long bad liaison before me. His ex was very attached to him and her does became kinda obsessive. I had a bad liaison know-how before him, too. We both still remains to some trauma from the past rapports. Before we started dating, we both believed that we need some time alone and to figure out our problems first before starting a brand-new tie-in. Then our friendship became even closer and it just happened. I promised to myself that I am not gonna attach to him too much or else I’m gonna get hurt. Now that we have been dating for 6 months, we is broken. We are gonna continue being friends but it’s not the same. I am a little dissapointed that I cause myself get attached. I would never try to hurt him or push his frontiers. This was too early for us and we proceeded way too quickly with our relationship.

I know I can live alone and it’s fun to be single sometimes. I truly need to grow and get over some problems that have been stuck in my mind. My boyfriend said to me a while ago that I need to learn how to deal with my publishes by myself like I used to. That is so true but it’s also very comforting to talk to someone about these hard passions and guess. To have someone who understands you.

I have been feeling more down these few months. I have forgotten to really take care of myself. I feel empty. Like a piece of me was taken away. I never thought that this would happen so soon( I know it’s bad to have expectations but I can’t help it ). I will always desire him, as a friend or as a buff. If this was the best decision for us, then I genuinely want to be happy. I review I simply need some time. I restrain dreaming about us getting back together, without realizing that maybe it’s not gonna happen. I restrain pushing my feelings apart. It’s merely hurting me more. I approximate I just need to cry it all out and come back to this wonderful life again?

All my friends think about breakups so differently. The instant I told them, they were like ”I’m so sorryy .. Did he do something? ”. Their pity is not helping me at all. They can’t understand that we can break up with being in good terms.

I have to learn a new lane how to live again. I know I can talk to him if I just wanted to but I think it’s better if we deplete some time alone. It is hard but I’ll get through it. I’ve never had a relationship that objective this well. It’s gonna be hard to pretend to be time friends from now on. I know that we will continue seeing each other in the future.

How have you dealt with breakups without humbling down? How are you able pretend to be simply friends with someone you have deep feelings for?

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