The roots of Addiction (2

The addict is looking to become one with the deepest, most blissful feeling she can experience … beyond such constraints of ground or’ common sense.’

She presumes it is in the substance/ behaviour/ input coming from the world that creates the feeling of bliss.

That substance/ behaviour/ input only temporarily blocks the negative states in the consciousness of the junkie, earmarking her to experience the bliss that is already within.

You know that feeling? Imagine a dark, cloudy, dreary daylight … and abruptly the clouds be done away with and the sunlight is revealed in all its splendor.

But the sun was always there. It was merely blocked by mass all this while.

The addict’s quagmire is that she is being run by the force of craving-ness.

This energy invariably searches, misses, drives … but never learns the resources of that oneness. She is desperate find a way to escape the mass by any means/ substance/ behaviour/ input.

Drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, whatever the junkie is chasing for a( temporary) high

The brilliance of the daylight is already within consciousness. When such obstacles are transcended, the light is revealed.

These insights are from Letting Go by Dr David R Hawkins


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