The Magic of Immortality

Secret knowledge … There is hardly anything more requesting to a person than knowing something that no one else knows. For speciman, knowing secrets such as a highway to get rich, regain lost adolescent, or gain power over beings, which will make a person stronger. Still, at the same time, the majority of those who pray insight do not aim to change anything in their lives. More precisely, they do not want to change their world view.

And now an enormous problem originates: You cannot be “a little pregnant”, as any step outside of regular living compels progression. When one amplifications something new, one foliages the aged behind and the result may differ from the expected one. There are very few people ready to step into the unknown under such conditions. Therefore, MYSTERIES and Mystery arise.

Knowledge of the MYSTERY deepens around the world around person or persons, it constitutes him deed differently, perceive things in a brand-new light. It firstly varies his internal picture of the world, and then demonstrates the security forces necessary to act accordingly.

Knowing THE SECRET countenances a person to achieve a little more, while remaining in the same world as before. But in reality, this is only a trap for the “rational person”.

Martial prowess are a good example of this. It is common, that a person takes up such an prowes with quite a utilitarian determination in subconsciou: he wants to learn how to fight, to gain self-confidence in victory faced with his opponent.

If one is doing something with a degree of diligence, they will certainly attain solutions: to study pain details and work through the proper dictated cycle of moves, – this is not hard to do … and through applying this knowledge – the knowledge of the SECRET will give an advantage over almost any unprepared opponent.

However, if private individuals proceeds further with studies, in a while the whole world around him will start to change. An someone will have discovered a space to understand several things, which will change the whole system of his importances, as well as his locate in the world. Thus achieved, this person’s martial arts abilities( as with slew of other cleverness) will be developing as if by themselves, regardless of the person’s desire. This understanding is what is meant by the knowledge of the MYSTERY.

Knowing the Secret contributes virtually instantaneous causes, although moving forward requires a massive and constant act. In other messages, right exerts should become your life’s work, and exclusively after, may they lead to knowledge of the MYSTERY. An regular adult, playing on his own will, is unlikely to bring this process to maturity. The SECRETS’s nature does not allow you to stop halfway, and if a man is not moving forward, he loses quickly all previous achievements.

It is possible to start from the other end – with the knowledge of the MYSTERY, – with a change of the internal worldview: If every step on that way is followed by action, and if the acquaintance is embodied in person’s real life, then all the Secret will be divulged as if by themselves. In addition, the research results can no longer be lost. This road takes less go, though it is trickier. The concern is that since parties consider themselves professionals in the issues of the universe, it becomes challenging to accept someone else’s point of view. A person’s worldview is the core part of his “ego”, so no matter how he assures you that he is open to new ideas, he will defend the core of his own worldview to the last.

SECRETS are a different story. With Secrets, especially those which can be learned, applied in life and lead to practical results, their existence is readily accepted. This is a feature of human knowledge which also has to be guessed with.

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