Easy Guide to the Layers of the Mind

Hello all! Have you ever wondered how the attention wields? It’s actually unusually simple. There are 5 “layers” to the mind. I established a simple pictorial illustration and video explaining it: https :// youtu.be/ zsGRno7Ht 84

This discusses not only how the psyche cultivates but why there is so much confusion in the world. What’s the “normal” way parties feel the subconsciou makes and what’s the actual way? Why do people get what “they don’t want”? It will deal with the machinists of the innermost reverberating of the judgment: DESIRE.

If you don’t feel like watching the video, I will sum up the five layers of the thought now. These proceed from outermost to innermost. Outermost being the blanket that we are “on” so to speak, that we knowledge firstly, and that springtimes from all the blankets below it.

This is a non-dualistic teaching, so we understand that the universe is within the mind. The outermost layer of the spirit is PERCEPTION. This is the world you “see” around you. The parties, plazas and things. It’s a world of figurative images.

Underneath the outermost blanket we find EMOTION this is what we find instantly underneath the seam of perception. These Passions fall on a range, a proportion with love and nervousnes being at the two ends.

Going further, we next note our Dreams. Our THOUGHTS are directly under and reason our Feelings. If I make fear-based reckons, I will feel the EMOTION of horror and in turn I will have a dreadful PERCEPTION.

Now, what’s under that? You approximated it — BELIEF. BELIEF is under the layer of THOUGHT in the mind. What we think is determined by what we BELIEVE and subsequently all the strata above that.

We’re finally at the innermost resounding of the knowledge. This is the figurative bullseye. This sound is DESIRE. Everything, without exception, comes from DESIRE. We can desire to experience whatever we want. One important exercise we learn, though, is that our DESIRE can not change reality. We can only have an illusory experience based on it, i.e. the universe. Source or Nirvana does not change based on our DESIRE, and there — we are without it.

Thanks chaps for see/ watching, I go into these and more in much further depth in the video, I recommend you watch if you haven’t as it’s extremely useful. As always though, I’m now for any questions or discussion either way.( FYI, If your note is an ad hominem or similarly valueless explanation, I may not respond)

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