Nosebleed when talking to my spirit guides

So I never get snout bleeds. I’ve had one in “peoples lives”. I’ve always been really connected to my flavor template I can always talk to them and they talk back to me in my ability. I can tell the difference between their enunciate and my own and they give me suggestion I’m likewise truly intuitive and know when things are gonna happen or what beings are going to say. Nonetheless 3 weeks ago I started to get into spiritual substance and wanted to know more. Then I noticed my feel guide no longer spoke to me, listened to me and my feeling was way off. Now for some reason last-place light I told us to my atmosphere leader “ can you give me a good dream and cure me remember it “. I fell asleep and woke up with a snout bleed. But I don’t recollect the dream. Then today I made a post saying how my feel steer no longer talks to me and as soon as I announced it I’ve had another nose bleed. What does this signify?

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