I heard this from a song and i felt it , do you have other songs or lyrics like that that made you feel something ?

“It is about what you feel, whatever it is you do How you choose to present yourself when the situation needs to It is about what you’re looking for, what you search for It is not about fulfillment, but it is about what is missing How do you improve? How do you progress? Are you searching? It is about the thought How it flourishes progressively What do you feed it? How do you cultivate the attention? It is about the galaxies and the stars But not so much about the moon as much as it is about you It is about choices much is it about decisions But it is about having the mettle and the fortitude To compile those things come to fruition What is it you’re searching for? It is about a intermission, a infringe A interruption in the dissemination A stop in the space-time continuum A hand-picked that you will always move A moment in being when you realize That you are what you are searching for So, I will request: what is it you are searching for? It is about infinite tomorrows But is also about yesterdays and how the past repeats itself So how will you choose to repeat yourself in “peoples lives”? It is about now It is about then What is it you are searching for? What is it you are searching for? Is it the now? Is it the no? Is it the yes? Is it that subsequent “I love you” that it is necessary to? What is it you are searching for? What is it you are searching for? “

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