Negative to Light (145)

We turn our resentments off. We turn our visions off. Why? Because of us? or because of someone else? Imposter Syndrome.

We will break through.

I just know it. Goosebumps. Keep running delight. Keep going for that inner child that lives inside of you that is desperately wanting to come out. Keep exiting. Everything we want is already ours, merely push a little more difficult, please, push harder.

We focus on the future, we focus on our goals, we focus on the darkness that is trying to swarm us, why? Imposter Syndrome. We will be ok. Our voice is what is needed for the world. With our tone comes affect.

Start sharing your vulnerabilities, I know …….. shocking. It is all worth it, delight, please, delight, I desperately ask you to focus on what you love to do and share it with the world.

I love you.

Drey< 3

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