everytime i think im ascending, i get scared of seeming too crazy so i stop

anyone know any chakras i can help balance/ salve if i keep getting scared of thinking contemplates that will better benefit my well-being than damage it?[ btw they r due to: world checks of not believing in what im channeling( peace of mind)]

i cant stop moving forward without some reminder that things happen and things may continue happening to me till i die, so i live in this paranoid regime of trying to overcome them but fearing that oblivion to my encircles will eventually suffocate me.

whats going on here? this sounds like i need to work on my spring chakra but i am in love with my life and eager for more of it but i suspect im requesting another question of: is this what the expeditions all about?

i likewise fear that i channel a good deal of suspicions because of this. suspicions like diseases and dying and all this sickness that- since it exists in general, it must be currently attached to me somehow. this all simmers down to anxiety or i really need to go to a doctor :/ lol

any tips that can soothe my mind- even if its time to address one of my questions< 3? my bad, for the mouthful, im currently high. xoxox

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