Musings on the Creator (God)

Hey tribes, simply had a chat with my lovely better half on the topic, and wanted to share my musings somewhere – I guess here is were I ceased up 🙂

As a bit of background … throughout my teenages and twenties, I was vehemently against the relevant recommendations of God, seeing parties that believes in him were feeble – needing a convenience rug against extinction and the sustain of soul. I was pretty good at reasoning such, including feeling to my awfully core( as I still do) “why would I demand any one of the purposes of a God that would punish us with eternal damnation – for not believing in him” and “why are things so bad in the world … he’s do a pretty terrible job TBH! ”

As I neared my thirties and started opening up to spirituality and consciousness, I had some potent knowledge, including feeling – clear as epoch, the minds of the a relative watching over me( spawned me burst out in tears … not an easy stunt ), feeling myself porous – almost translucent – the wind moving through me and moaning to me …. that kinda thing. As well as the usual – times of profound connection – feeling interconnected with everything and everyone.

Over the last years, on the approach to my forties, while certainly not looking forward to nor needing an impression of a Creator or God … what was left of my younger resistances seemed to fade away. And now – through a preferably intense and unrelenting healing process( including re-experiencing why/ when I became so* against* God )… I find myself in no doubt – through numerous ordeals/ knowings/ realizes – that there is a Creator, that which I once would of called universal vigor/ consciousness/ beloved … is something more than that( but also that ).

I wouldn’t say my primacy is a “belief” … as my rank is formed much in the same way that I realize the sunlight, the sky etc … and so say “look the sky! ” And I’ve done enough work – to know in myself whether or not I am adopting such a position – for personal accessibility or solace.

With that fleck about me – I’d are happy to share a few things that seem obvious to me, perhaps it fits/ reverberates for you – perhaps it doesn’t, maybe it does in part – I’d like to share it anyway, I hope that is OK.

What I notice in the world on occasion, is that for “normal” beings, there can be a similar opposition to considering we have a spiritual phase, as much as there can be resistance for “spiritual” parties to consider there is a Creator. I anticipate, that he will not force us to see him, or that if we do witness him – it will be within the limits of what we will accept/ allow ourselves to see. IF we can be open to the idea of a Creator, and encounter what comes to us from that openness – we would be more likely to get affirming experiences as a result.

Below are some differences –

I have come to “Believe”:

There is a Creator, the image that seems truest to* me* – is that of a warm, radiating golden daylight. We are among his most promoted formations. He is not an angry or wrathful God, he hankers for his children/ formations to live in accordance with their true nature – and to learn, stretch, show him back to himself – and eventually rejoin him in oneness and belonging at the end of our( this part at least) excursion. There is profound truth, and profound untruth in every religion. There are essential rules he must follow in the game of creation that he plays, the easiest ones to list are; He must give/ allow his starts free will, He must not directly interfere. The evolving, growing, becoming force at the centre of life …. the “river of life” – is part of it all. We live many live and many demises, in our time here in this realm, at earth institution. There is certainly the great mother too …. the earth my best sense of Her. That while life here in the material world, there are naturally perils and afflictions( light-colored and dark ), loss and misfortune, the scale of assessments of suffering we see around us – is beyond what it is “meant to be” …. mostly something has extended amiss, you could say there is a spiritual fighting of sorts going on – which numerous religions point towards more fail to fully define. The combat is against something outside of the natural order of things – our Creator would never select for this extent of suffering to be part of his scheme … for our hear/ passage or whatever. Simply said – the world as it is now … it was never meant to be this lane. living in connection with spirit is as essential to our well-being as community, mood, good menu and drink … The magnitude of our Creator is beyond our human capacity to perfectly grasp or understand, and by trying to pin things down* more* accurately, we often loose road of the spirit of things. Just as the Creator has essential laws to follow, so do we. We are the crossroads between heaven and earth, our “job” is not to try and transcend* now *, our job is to inhabit both positions and the crossroads as fully as we can, enabling us to learn the suitable readings, clear whatever luggage we carry – and then – in due process …( NOT of our own opt or choice) – we return home. You could consider nearly 2 one-thirds universal vitality – 1 third wise old man/ bride … to summing-up him up 😉 We forget either our true-life grace, and essential nature as a species – but we will remember. We are rather ironically, living in the crossroads likewise.

I have come to “suspect” 😛 TAGEND There are many realms and numerous Architect. As we accomplish our wander in this realm, and return to oneness with him, we may – after some time benefit from it/ choose to evolve into a architect – and so be given our own realm play games with.

In closing, He is here, he always has been – we must do our work with whatever resistance/ limitations we carry – and simply open our limbs … there is no need to fancifully feel – or wish for something that is not there, say what appearances itself( or not )… and cause that be notified whichever way.

“As bees accumulate sugar, so we collect what is sweetest out of all things and build Him. ” – Rilke

Thankyou for predict my two pennies worth.

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