New video!! Spiritual channel 👁✨

What’s up y’all,

I made a brand-new canal a month ago, but I’m going through a smoking addiction, I’ve been trying to quit but haven’t been able too but this March 20 th is the DAY.

Anyway I haven’t been uploading because I’m kinda going through a seasonal depression but I’m feeling better now and I was able to finish this video basically explain how much I’m delusional. The impression of being rouse is bad then sleeping

I’m genuinely new and still trying to find my mode but YouTube is what I just wanted to do, I wanna guide new people in this journey so we can grow together

I have a lot in mind for the future but I need their own families, a Raresouls only family.

Please check out my new video and let me know drop a productive comment for future video

https :// m.youtube.com/ watch? v= ycG2b 2aMk4E

Love and quietnes [?][?][?]


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