Put it Out Anyway (151)

“Not Good Enough”, “Why would anyone wanted to go? ” “That isn’t art”, is things I push through daily with my art.

That is the darkness trying to swarm, we won’t cause it acquire. We all have these thoughts and feelings that we aren’t good enough, which is normal but it allows for us to focus on our objectives. Our intentions will then allow us to take a step back to breathe, to unwind, to realign and then JUMP FORWARD.

If someone hasn’t “ve told you” this lately, then know that YOU ARE SEEN. YOU ARE HEARD. YOU ARE Enjoyed. YOU MATTER. Keep going and KEEP PUSHING.

When we are in the eye of the gust, it can be difficult sometimes to think, why this is all happening, but just know that it is happening for something greater which go beyond our possibilities. Keep working. Keep expanding and preserve facing your ease zones.

I love you.

Drey< 3

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