I need an opinion about my interpretive dreams

Hii, since i was a small girl my dream have been interpretive, all of my dreams had meaning and somehow i always knew how to interpret them. Now before 3 daylights i had a dream as an airplane was passing by my house a memorandum fell down right in my hand I opened the notation and it was the flag of Sweden I was scared in my dream so I extended to call my boyfriend and in the dream he told me “Dont worry, dont be scared the woman will..” and I woke up before he ended the convict. Last-minute the working day a tarot reader sounded up on my social media where they were making a live , I met and was just listening to her and then i departed and continued w my period, later on I open it again and she sounded up on my feed again the same girl still making a live and rendering tarot interprets. I get in to the live and the instant i entered in the comments people were commenting the same flag that I had a dream of a Swedish flag and at that moment she said ” Ohh i am from sweden more ” it freaked me out. She was feeling drained and wanted to end the live so i told her ” perhap the speaks drained your energy” and she said hii( my name) would you like a reading and i told us to myself why not i have nothing to lose, she said ask me a question so i asked about my relationship with my boyfriend because we have been going through a rough time lately and i wanted to know how things will turn out. She “ve been told” things i have been able to never expect( in a positive way) and told me so many beautiful things about him and the relationship, that we will manage to fight through all of this and we have a special conection and at the end she gave me advice and she told me I know you needed to hear this.

Now when I put together my dream and what happened in real life I still cant believe that it happened to me. I miss an ruling from any of you, if “youre in” my surface would you believe your dreams and what the hell happened , do you think its a co-occurrence and what should I do at this point.

Thank you so much

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