If you lie awake worrying, the problem may not be what you’re anxious about – you need to take better care of your mental health generally

It’s easy to worry these days, it feels like we live in anxious goes. There’s large-scale things like health, act, school or fund but there’s lots of little stresses that pop up like upsetting someone might be annoyed at you or getting late. The gaiety and glee in our life can elapse us by because our thoughts are stuck in the future, am concerned about what might happen.

Fixating on fears can be a symptom of poor general wellbeing, so give yourself a mental health check up – your sleep motif is key to this but it’s helpful to make a list of daily activities that help you to maintain your serenity – meditation, exercise, yoga, inventive activities, see, socialising, going for a walk in nature – whatever wholesome activities dres you. Being aware of the things that disrupt your mental health is also important – caffeine used to drive my worrying but alcohol, TV, information and social media can also have an impact.

The point is not to tell you what to do or what to consume. The quality is that bringing awareness to what you consume allows you to monitor the effect that meat, media and suffers have on you and allows users to clear informed decisions. Placing up a good mental health issues number and affixing to it will make a huge change with worrying.

The second fraction is being present with what you’re knowing. When you have a worrying made , notice it starting and sit with it for a moment, listen to it. When we realise our difficult spirits as friends rather than adversaries and tend to them with empathy we take away their supremacy over us, they no longer can control our attitudes. We can breathe and allow the obsessing thought to pass without acting on it, without being swept away by it. We can smile to our feeling and smile to our difficulties.

The final highway to tend to our worrying to to look passionately into it. Our reaction when upsets are coming up is to barricade the door and try and shut it out but it’s an opportunity for us to find out why we react the space we do and catch out where root causes of our suspicion lies. Most of the time, our fright lies in deeply held presumptions or faiths, created by experiences from the past. When we reflect the ignite of empathy and awareness onto that supposition, we can ask ourselves whether it’s really true. Taking the time to explore with kindness the specific areas of ourselves that live in the dark is how we liberate ourselves from sustaining.

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