Feeling guilty for relying on myself instead of God for self-healing

I don’t practice a religion but I am spiritual. Before I considered myself to be reasonably emotionally rational, but a trauma happened to me accidentally and I fell into a deep dimple& suspicion, to the point where I was playing with life-ending estimations( never knowledge before ).

Things like adoring, forgiving, letting go, and a positive view on animation came natural to me. But now it’s like a block in my mind- like I somehow don’t feel honourable enough to do those things.

I feel guilty because I Miss to rely on God to get me through this, but to be honest my religion has been weaving. I don’t understand why this happened to me, and why I am not strong enough to get through this. Does God want me to believe in myself? It feels greedy to me, like I am abandoning him and prioritizing sect in myself.

Hoping for some wisdom.

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