How many Incarnations do we live? Apparently I’m almost done?

So I just had a clairvoyant medium learn yesterday by a women in town who is exceptionally skilled, I know this to be true, even before I went to her yesterday, because I know other people who have gone to her( including my mother) who have had incredible interprets.

She did a lot more clairvoyant working in collaboration with me than medium job, although my grandparents came through very clearly.

One interesting thing she told me was that we all live 13 lives in this world before we complete our karmic operate and return to source. She finds what life were currently on by adding up all the digits of our birthday, similar to how the life path number is acquired. If the total is above 13, add the digits together. If it’s below 13, it’s okay.

I am 04/05/ 2001, so the full amounts of the is 12.( 4+5+2+1= 12)

So I am on life-time 12 of 13?

Has anyone heard of or employed this formula before? Is if true-life that we live only 13 animations?

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