Mindfulness Brings Us Into The Now

Here are some things Mindfulness has taught me About The Now:

As Human Beings we exist within the present moment, while also having the capability within our spirits to think about the past and future

Reflecting on our past and prepare the way for the future are logical things to do. However, at times we can become lost in our thinking about the past or future to the point where we become disconnected from What is Happening Right Now

When we are mindful, we understand that Right Now is ultimately the moment direct experience that we can interact with. It begins with being present with our thoughts and feelings

When we are present, we may notice the things that we usually neglect. We notice how the feelings in our figure jolt the expects in our memory, vice versa. We notice our natural motivations and our dress( thoughts and behavioural blueprints ), and we note how we feel in certain physical or social environments

Within all of the noticing, we become also become acutely aware of one thing that seems to Remain Throughout The Duration Of Our Lives, which is that We Are Constantly In This Experience of Right Now

Our past is gone in the form of memory, and tomorrow is still not here. We are in this seamless construction of a few moments to moment know, like sheets in a assembly and periods in a record, the book entitled “The Life Of — Insert Name Here”

Within the Now we recognize that we are living our own individual life-time inside of our Sense of Self, and that it is ultimately up to us to figure out what we want for ourselves and begin aligning our era to date actuality with that goal

Each Day We Make History by living a day that has not yet been lived. Each era we knowledge ourselves interact with the world and are now in direct contact with the unknown

Ultimately what we choose to do or not to do in our present moment seriously affects where we will end up in “peoples lives”. So begin aligning your life Today with the life you wish to lead and established in Tomorrow

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