Lack of connection in relationship

I’m candidly so confused by my relation. It’s beautiful, it’s loving, he’s so handsome, we reflect and do yoga together, he’s genuine, a good guy and very much in love with me. I “re going through” ripples of being alone in love with him to questioning if I do or not. I can’t help but is guilty or feel like this is “wrong”. I’ve been open about my skepticisms and I’ve talked to him before but time crave your chaps minds.

We merely started getting to the point where we are planning a future together and something is lacking. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be with someone else or what it would be like to be single or alone( i do suffer from trauma and sadnes) – then I get sad- judge the thought and think wow that’s not good- that must mean I’m not really in love.

But I’m not defeated by him at all….I enjoy him( “i m saying” defeated because people usually say that’s what happens when you fall out of desire) – But i’m confused on if I’m IN love and assure a future with him. Sometimes I REALLY do, sometimes I am not sure. These disbeliefs have been here since we started. I don’t imagine I am ready for a relationship at time…But this one is perfect. I exactly don’t know if I can direct suspenses forever? This all sees me so sad.

I have tried law of attractivenes focusing on the good perspectives and loving myself and the link always increases but then I always come back to questioning 🙁

Can someone tell me if they have this experience before? And tell me…these doubts are never gunna go away huh? Even after instants of intense desire they eventually is coming. And I really feel like I shouldn’t be feeling like this. I too don’t wana lose him because there is so much possible now. Can things vary? Peculiarly if the foundation is solid can it grow into a consistent doubtless desire? Or is this a bad sign? What do I do..

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