Really struggling with concentration – Final year of Uni

Over the last year of lockdown my ability to focus on a demonstrated exercise has put dramatically, to the point where now I cannot complete even some of the most simple of enterprises given to me by my university. At this moment I am trying to write a 4000 oath report and even though the ideas are there in my pate, my mind proceeds completely blank when was just trying to applied it into works, to the point where my writing move has been about 2 or 3 convicts an hour. This is especially a bad term for me to have this issue as I am in my last 2 months of university, and still have a Thesis and a few essays to write.

Before lockdown I had a particularly work hard/ performance hard lifestyle with daily gym chores, congregate and causing music with friends, used to go 2+ meters a week, etc. As I live in London( UK) the city suited this lifestyle and I was a high achiever proposing for a first in my magnitude.

I have tried doing practice programmes that do not involve the gyms, although I find I can never get near the level of focus I was achiving at the gym. I have been previously tried meditation, reading and painting to discipline myself back into becoming more focused but progress is very slow and age is running out.

Unfortunately, I likewise do not have the ability to retake my third year next year as my University is trimming the course due to budget gashes thanks to the knock on from the lockdown.

Does anyone have any advice on what to do? I have tried to use NHS mental health services but the waitlist is huge and by the time I get accompanied to my course would have finished.

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