Had a weird… moment a few nights ago.

So I’m not really spiritual most of the time. But this was so weird that I simply have to ask y’all.

So I was laying in bed, tryna sleep. But than .. something happened. I don’t know how to really describe it. Like, I was still aware of my adjacents, infact I became even more awake as this happened, but too some part of my thinker was somewhere else solely. In my recollection, I was in space, and there were so many hotshots that the “sky” looked a highly purple emblazon, and I felt like I was floating.

Now, imagine your in a office, and there are mirrors to the left and right of you. This was sorta the contingency with me, but instead of perfect thoughtfulness, there is indeed these beings of light-footed, and they were in a long line to extended from both my left and my right, apparently forever, and they duplicated all of my flows. And the weirdest percentage was, I was still very aware of my room, and very much awake, but likewise I felt like I was in that strange place. Is there any explain for this?

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