Tempted by the devil

Just lost a battle with the dark armies in my attention well I gotta say the devil coaches me some helpful things but in the end he’s out for my abilities, so I gotta go N can’t get caught slippin, use it for good and not for false image worshippin the idol of fatality when I should enjoy “peoples lives” instead.

Music is so hypnotic it deepens my recollection through sonics honestly what is there to do, I get bored but you know what I just seen that I’m stuck in this loop of dreams, but I’m wakin up, some times I’m extreme insane off the deep end cold and hot but never chill, got no balance so I’m often off the scale of assessments and off the wall

Ima try harder and I owe no justification cuz I learned some shit and now it’s time to breathe I merely need some time to my lonely give me some space

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