Where does consciousness originate? If you died today, would that mean your consciousness ‘dies’ too, or will you be conscious again, just as you are now? Since your consciousness emerging from nothingness is impossible…right?

“Perhaps this intimate cycle of the Earth consuming and creating life will have you reincarnated in the biological impression, where you will be self-aware again, really not as you. The same behavior it happened before you were born, with the elements compounding to make a self-aware being into a territory of live now, as the person reading the words on this page.

The way I came to this conclusion was by simplifying what it means to be alive, detaching ourselves from our name and focusing solely on our self-awareness; we can define this as our intentional actuality. If we are dealing with our life as binary, as true-life or fictitiou, we exist( 1) or we do not exist( 0) then, given an infinite amount of epoch, the testimony of our self-awareness emerging induces me to believe that this cannot be destroyed, or was already present. It is impossible to be without experience if you are currently experiencing. Either your consciousness has emerged from absolute nothingness, pure non-existence being 0, or it arose from some structure of continue of consciousness, being 1. The latter is more reasonable to assume.”

Excerpt the book, The Universe and I: The impression of life and death

http :// mybook.to/ TheUniverseandI

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