How do I keep my energy/vibration up in a toxic household?

I know I have a year or two before I have the opportunity to leave for college, but in the meantime i litterally dont know what to do. Its like generally I am always very positive and optimistic, nonetheless, because of the poisonous milieu I have at home it’s severely been taking a toll on my vibration 🙁 like it exactly sucks because I’ll wake up all alone and I’ll be like IM SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS AND THAT AND THIS and exactly be filled with adore and an abundance of gratitude but after that, then having to face a mentally/ verbally abusive, unscrupulous, traumatizing, and poison household, it feels as if it’s inconceivable to live with these circumstances, all I’m getting is feeling, nervousnes, and all of that 🙁 like I don’t think you’ve met two beings with such negative and poisonous energy and it just really hurts because it’s genuinely messing with my mental health issues :/ id genuinely simply appreciate some facilitate or advice !!!

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