I want to bring in a gesture than demonstrates an openess to more indepth connection.

It would be amazing to impart a small gesture into consumption of tapping your dresser formerly with your digits to indicate to all persons during conversation that if they want to talk, you will listen in a non judgemental lane and that are open to connecting with them on a more in depth level.

It could be a moment of distres, or it could be an invitation to explore your spiritual minds or hopes and dreams for the future. Subjects which tend to be taboo in polite society.

Perhaps I am delusional, but I am embarking on a goal( committed clearly to me during reflection) to make this happen. To use tends on social media and all the things often considered so negative about it, to try and make a small positive change to the world. Ive included a link to a facebook make that I am trying to get out there encouraging time that( this is not in any way promotion of myself or anything I do ). I would very much appriciate anyone who has expends it or shares it.

So numerous people are suffering alone right now through lockdowns, but are unable to speak to anybody about it, for rationales like not wanting to impose, studying nobody will listen or picturing their own problems are silly. They are often afraid to speak up against things for anxiety of being derided for their beliefs or evaluated.

Deeper than that, social distancing and suspicion are gnawing what little depth of communication was present in day to daytime life-time.

Unchecked this is a cancer at the heard of our collective conciousness.

These things, especially for men are difficult to say and often diffiicult to be heard extremely. I hope this might enable people to rebuild support networks and also breakdown some impediments.

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