CREEPY: My dreams come true – why is that?

It has been a couple years now where I have dreams and I retain them. I even sometimes have lucid dreams and I have a creepy sense of parties, symbolizing, right when I lay eyes on them, I either get a good or bad vibe/ aura from them. I am a very spiritual and religious person. Several weeks/ months later, the dream occurs in real life. I sort of get a “that’s so raven”( “deja vu”) instant and realize I had this accurate dreams a duo weeks/ months prior to this moment. For example, I had a dream that your best friend started going out with a chap and they went on vacation together and us having a specific conversation about him and a specific friend of his. I recollected exactly what she was wearing in the dream and exactly what was said. Around a month ago, she started going out with the person that was in my dream. I thought that was a ended co-occurrence and didnt review much of it. Until, a couple weeks ago, we were talking and the dream occurred in Real-life. She was wearing the exact outfit and we were talking about the chap she has been going out with and his specific friend. The gossip was exactly how it was in the dream, even the same setting( sit where it existed ). I don’t know if this has to do with anything, but my grandmother’s category is referred to/ got the same blood as a notorious kabbalistic rabbi “whos had” special dreams and did miracles for people. I even have dreams of my late grandfather( who likewise comes from a long line of rabbis/ was in the Holocaust) coming and checking on me. I do not know if this has anything to do with it. But I am just curious as to why this is happening and if that has anything to do with it? is it only my subconscious?

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