Heart chakra clearing, ascension symptoms

There has been a huge clearing of mettle intensity leading up to the full moon in Libra this weekend. I’ve heard reports of double the number of usual patients with heart indications in several hospitals and cardiac middles. My own best good friend( who works as a cardiac tech) is wearing a heart monitor currently. And this week I’ve been knowing an increase in lightheadedness and heart fluttering.

It’s important not to simply write off manifestations that can be deadly as ascension evidences, however, they are very real! Solar explosions have been known to bring in glades like this, with immense forceful and DNA modernizes, but planets can do it too. Venus and the Sun coming together in Aries is a burst of forward force, necessary the heart to recalibrate. And the Libra moon will be going deep into our nerves to pull out any industrious waste regarding relationships, component curves, and our feelings of being are worth love. You may be noticing a shift in partnerships and coming to realize you need change.

Extra self-care this week y’all! If you’re having major manifestations it’s ever a good intuition to get checked out by the doctor. Even if they can’t understand the language of energy, they’re there to support us physically. Wishing you all a successful heart-clearing!

Heart-chakra energy healing reflection 😛 TAGEND

Sit or lay and plaza your hands on your heart. Notice any sensations and breathe deeply. Imagine a green crystalline illumination glowing in the center of your chest. Each meter you inhale, it develops larger and larger. This green energy is the energy of passion, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, and busines. Invite this green energy to crowd your entire aura. Allow anything that isn’t yours to return to the earth.

~ Lorna Tanner, Reiki Master Teacher

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