Trying to see the world from other people view is destroying my self esteem and my life.

I always speculated I was a good person, idk I time felt like beings liked me and I supposed I did good things and had a warm presence.

But I preserve disbelieving my working experience because all your best friend and ex exposed me and vacated me, so I feel like I HAVE to be the bad person. That’s the only thing that impels smell. Like what are the odds that I’m the good person and they were all actually bad parties plotting against me.

I really don’t understand because each time I look back on my life I considered I have so many times where I’ve done such kind things and I was an handsome, smart-alecky, football player, so I feel like the kindness and credence and heat that I carried with me everywhere concluded beings feel accepted by the “bad guys” and are broken down biases and obstructions. I mean there gravely was not a spiteful bone in my mas.

I keep breaking down and trying to sabotage my life because I think I’m a bad person because of how I was eliminated and disregarded. I keep getting back up but then I get down again quite quickly. Setback after disappointment … I’m tired of picking myself up.

My ex shambled me up really bad … It doesn’t feel fair. It’s like I’m trying to fit myself into my exes point of view. That I was a shitty party and she deserves to earn … that’s not what I want though but how do I fight for my working life without vastly hurting other people along the way?

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