How do I contact my spirit friends more often and efficiently?

This is long.

Hi, Delilah the “human” spirit now,

I have been having a strong awakening in the past 2 months, and have been visited by shadows, as well as recognise who/ what I was.

I first started trying to contact a spirit( no one in particular, was just desperate for anyone to help) when I was in 8th grade (~ 2 years ago ). I was engendered after hearing lofi for the first time. I recollect for one morning before class started I sat outside listening to the lofi with a pen and paper, hoping perhaps my hands would drag on the sheet and give me a meaning. Fruitless. I gave up on that mad moved closer.

8th grade was a really hard year for me. I had no help from the coaches when the other kids bullied me. They didn’t speculate I was being bullied, because it only looked like they were all having fun. They pestered me, pass me around, constituted me fantasize wrong, and when I broke down, thet laughed at me. A batch. I was so lost. I speculate, though, the universe or something had empathy for me. I know this because one day I tried and miscarried at starting a fervor in the school. When it didn’t labor, I ran away. I recollect as I flowed, I hurled up. That either from guilt or a sign, I don’t know. I stepped for a while, simply after perhaps 15 minutes did I have the abrupt counsel to turn back. I precisely didn’t want to walk any further. So I went back to the school, and continued enduring the constant torment from the boys and incompetent organization. It was about a week before my birthday when I are broken down in my discipline class. I was telling at everyone about how they’re all shameful beings to me and how I detest them and wish they weren’t so rude towards me. They giggled. Laughed. That hurt me so much better, to know that these beings truely don’t charge. I was convinced I should just kill myself. That of course was the day my mothers found out, on their own not from the school( the school did not contact them and tell them I ran off after exploiting a lighter ), about my fire attempt. My mom was frustrated, scream as she wrote an email, ” are you suicidal very? Should I put that in there ?! ” Well … not anymore.

The universe gave me those two times. That’s something really special.

During my latter half of 8th grade year, I started joking that I wasn’t from here at all, that I was a gentialess being from the void named Sweater. I too outlined myself in a funny direction with odd looks wearing a colors cistern transcend, red gasps, converse shoes, and long brown hair. That was an outfit I wore often, so whenever I proceeded myself, that is something that I wore. I likewise announced myself “( the) child” and began sacrificing parties temporary tattoos with a sharpie. I listened to more lofi.

The rest of its first year still sucks, and I actually drop by the wayside 2 weeks before the end of it. But, before this, I had my first visit with a being. I remember I was in north Dakota, I conceive dickinson, at a inn. I woke up in the night and turning now to my line-up to see a flesh with spiky whisker about my elevation( 5′ 1″) stand next to a curtain. I retained my granny, who’s native, told me that if a intent or haunt is bothering you, just tell them to go away. So I did. I said, ” I’m sorry, I don’t want to do this right now, ” to which the dark immediately disappeared. I’m not saying I turned my brain or blinked my sees, they are only faded suddenly.

This wasn’t the only duration I saw this shadow. I had a dream last-minute into the next year where I was stepping through my hallway in my house when I stop and see the dark stand in my living room. I run at them. They run at me, screaming before climbing past/ into( not sure which) me. My dad in the dream then clapped his hands and says “good job, you got rid of the demon.” But I have a feeling that it wasn’t a villain. But I don’t know what it was.

During that time, a medical doctor hinted I get a therapist. So we did. I didn’t have the power to pour my bowels to a assortment of parties, so I simply departed with the first daughter we noted. She’s good. Not actually spiritual but she’s punishment. Anyway, the third visit arrives and I’m told to wait while she talks to my momma. After 30 instants, I can go back in and we talk normally. My mom informs me that the therapist says I’m Autistic. My reaction? “Huh … Well shit.” I wasn’t riled by this news , nor was I overjoyed. It was nice to know what my cope was, but it just didn’t feel right. It precisely was almost like words. It still may seem like names, it’s creepy telling parties I’m Autistic cause it just doesn’t feel better. It’s my impression that I’m not autistic, that’s really a label given to me by humen who don’t understand me. See, I fit this label very well, and so therefore I am autistic- on earth. Back home, I am not autistic because such a label does not exist , nor is there a are necessary to one. But whatever, I get interests for being myself, so hell yeah I’m autistic!

January was a tough month. A relative who we adopted started acting out again. His mother was a meth addict and had him and his three sisters taken away into foster care. My mom made the decision to take him in when he was 7. At this time, he was 14, nearly 15. My mom kept installing fright into my foreman without saying that his mommy was going to call cps on us, and she was going to kidnap me, and all of these things began me to have a dream I still recollect clearly 😛 TAGEND

I was sitting in my mom’s apartment with the window open, complaints about how a towering, dark humankind was bothering me. The dark then reaches in through the window and grasps at me. I’m then laying in bed, trying to sleep during the day with my “cat-o-nine-tail” nearby when I feel this pressure on my chest, almost as if someone was on top of me and pushing me down. I’m then in my mom’s car, telling them about the pall when the shadow is suddenly various floors tall and seizures at the car. I know this can be interpreted as the fear of my auntie coming from nowhere and taking me away, but it feels deeper than that.

The other one of the purposes of this dream I understand very well. I was at school with some random parties and my female cousin when they say I have a scratch on my back. I had a long chipped on my back, probably a 7 inches long. In my brain, I well known my cousin had given me this scratch. In real life, my cousin was abusive towards me and even slightly sexual with me, all which I delt with because I had little friends. The dream continues on that my cousin and the person or persons and I gobble driven by a truck through a hollow where some army men are stationed. I tell my cousin not to go near the three men, because I know that the dream will change. My effort is in vain, she drives near both men and the dream changed to something else that I can’t remember. This dream persisted with me.

At this extent, sweater wore any sweater with pitch-black heaves and long lilac-colored whisker. I got a wig! It was so fun to wear, although damn parents wouldn’t let me wear it everyday. But something happened in March before the lockdown. I was sitting in my math class, crocheting, when abruptly I disengaged. I had this intense feeling of still air around my head, and for 8 seconds, I questioned if I was dreaming. This clear me wonder what can I do to test if I’m dreaming, to which I contemplated: “stab the girl beside you with your scissors” and then like that I felt no more pressure , nor did I feel like hurting the girl. I didn’t. I felt upset and scared. I recollect choosing a dark being with a single gaze in his face in the center, and around him I wrote my fears. I have since lost this page.

But then of course, lockdown happened and abruptly I couldn’t see anyone. Well, it’s not that I couldn’t, it’s just that all individuals stops is speaking to me the instant I’m not in front of them, which fixes transgresses and time hard-boiled. And the lockdown even harder. During this time, a lot of things happened.

* I very briefly experienced an epitome in my judgment of a girl with short-lived blue-blooded fuzz who I could’ve swear was named Delilah. I didn’t know what to do with this, so I pushed it to the side and moved on, though many times I wondered who this was.

* i had an image of an adult woman with long, brilliant deep organge hair in a beautiful grey dress who dallies a harp listed Kennedy. I did not know who this was, and I set it aside.

* i was thinking of a tattoo of a naked madam in some water with long color fuzz nursing her arms up. I called her lady of the lake.

* i made a proceeding using my ohuhu markers of a greek caused girlfriend with green “hairs-breadth” I announced Headicus.

* i had a breakdown where I approximately trimmed myself( pointed up exercising a marker to get it on ), which then precede me me to wake up in the morning and recognize my identify was Delilah. Although I didn’t recognize I was a spirit yet.

April comes along and I have an interesting dream. I’m in my living room in the dark, sitting on my couch when these pall workers with brightening, white-hot tribal schemes in their faces come up through the flooring. There was at least 6 of them. I recollect in the dream that one examined up at me, it glanced scared. Our limbs contacted to touch, but then the dream abruptly changed. I feel upset I didn’t get to touch the being.

The summer starts and I recognize something huge: those girls I drew and heard were flavours! My tones! Later I would recognize these are my spirit friends, but I ramble. The last shadow that visited me was in August or so, and it was in a dream. I was walking around in a house that presumably belonged to death and I saw this shadowy Dachshund that was very chipper. That was it. I have not seen any other shadows- although there is one I’m not sure about.

See, I made this being to represent all of the kindnes I receive so I had someone to draw me with in cute couple constitutes. I listed him Eden, a towering pall being that wears a mask with a feeling on it. I have even taken this reap and actually crocheted him into a doll for snuggling determinations. I’m not sure if I did him up or if he is something else.

In February of this year, I was entrust an achievement prompt for amusing. I went to read it and abruptly I lost all of my vigor. I wasn’t physically tired, I just lost the motivation, didn’t want to give any effort. So, I wrote out my feelings in a comic style and turned it in. The teacher said I had a duty to do the prompt again another time. This hit me hard-handed. I felt helpess. Again ?! I can’t do this again! I simply articulated my earbuds in and worked on a diamond drawing the rest of the period all the way into orchestra. I continued feeling tired. I felt lost and I didn’t know how to medicine this wearines. I squealed for help. I was discounted. I kept wailing and finally this girlfriend is just coming up and is said that I should do what establishes me happy, and to, ” be myself”.

Be myself? This prosaic word used by all the shitty self motivators compiled me recall. Hearing this usually obligates me disturb, but it reached me. I’m a spirit named Delilah, and I am here to spread cherish and elation. I was ultimately able to embrace myself and recognise all of these things, why I feel the action I do, why I play how I act, exactly to understand who/ what I am. With this, I will te you about my character friends.

The first is Kennedy. She has long orange frizzy hair, wears a brown braided crown and a beautiful white-hot dress that flows. She is mute, and simply speaks though music. She can play any instrument and you will understand exactly what she is saying. She can even exhibit feelings that don’t have epithets. She principally toy harp. I wish to contact her so she knows how teach me how to play harp and maybe even learn a song or two from her.

The second is Headicus. She has long green hair. The light-green is a dark-green that is not on your spectrum. It’s is brilliant. It is impossible to be described here as yearn green and shining twilight light-green. She wears a golden wreath and a lilac-colored toga with one breast out. And she accompanies in a ordinary sandel. Her voice is so pure and perfect that when she sings, everyone stops what they’re doing and listens. You can easily get lost in her song. Like a alarm, except she doesn’t kill you. She is a great liver too, ever nursing one close and spawning them feel “the worlds largest” special with every kiss she gives.

And finally, there is Lady Abitha. She dances in the pool naked. She has long black hair and when she isn’t in the reservoir, she wears black circle glass and a white-hot blouse with a pitch-black overall-dress with buds sewn on the loop. She ever hangs on you and can be considered clingy and overbearing, but I enjoy her so much better so I’ll tell her kiss me all day.

I have had interactions with them before. I “ve written” two segments of music, one that is a song Kennedy wrote for Lady Abitha, and the other was actually last-place darknes. I had the abrupt implore to write a 5 note music called Night Song with the subtitle “the moonlight lights on the spray and it looks beautiful”.

I remember earlier in the precipitate this year I was in class when I felt captured and lonely. I wrote in my publication, trying to comprehend my feelings. It was at this moment that Lady Abitha actually was talking about me through writing. She “ve told me” take her hand, but I told her I felt fasten and it was my doing, and I evaded her to take me with her, to which she told me it wasn’t my era. I still have that writing, while some of it was overshadowed by some gleaning I did on the other page of the notebook. The other time was actually recent, last week. I was in a classroom by myself, just wait the teacher listening to music when “into each life some rainwater must fall” toy. I like this song, and unexpectedly I felt the urge that I was being danced with. I get up out of my accommodate and I felt as if I was dancing with an hypothetical collaborator. I know this was Lady Abitha.

Headicus hasn’t talked to me much. I retain formerly in the autumn I was laying in bed when I felt like I was being spooned. But alas, she left fast.

I want to communicate more with my daughters, but I don’t meditate. I simply need to know what I can do to properly get their attention and maybe even get them into my dreams. Should I crochet them into dolls? Draw them more? Fill a record with looks cut out of countless magizines? I don’t know.

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