The law of not giving a fuck.

This law states that when you live in the vibration of not causing a fuck, it is the highest state you can be in. It is what buddhist monks label living separated. When you don’t give a fuck about anything , not your SP , not coin , not forcing yourself to envisage, just sitting and revelling in the feeling of knowing you are God.

Everything comes to you, without moving your little finger. If merely you can trust yourself, amazing things would happen .. in fact, there is no method to show , no process needed, if you pay attention all these different doctrines, beliefs, doctrine, magick, habits, they all deal with the same thing and aim at the same goal. To BELIEVE.

If you could believe, you don’t need no procedure you don’t need anything, but since parties seems to can’t guess easily, parties figured out all these methods and traditions.

But im now to tell you its not necessary, moreover it can create more suffering than good, when trying to force yourself to apply a process that feel digesting and banal, you create more defiance and you oppose what were already yours anyway. You are god. Do you really think you need someone to teach you how to be God? How silly? Everything is already yours, everything is just an aspect of you. There is nothing to do , nothing to say. There is only life upon soul, treading through immortality! You simply need the eyes to see..

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