Life Changes (168)

Change is inevitable. Change will happen either way, if we want it or not. We as the human must be open to the change. The convert is where we will find our genuine soul, lose a part of our ego that is no longer needed, what is needed though is the will to keep going.

Over the past year of “peoples lives”, and all of “peoples lives”, vary was forced onto us, we didn’t choose to be where we are now , nor did we even know that it was going to happen, we deepened. Change happens if we want it or not.

I am proud of us. Some periods was sometimes difficult, but what am I learning is that the struggle comes from the eye of the spectator not from the actual situation itself. Watching rather than judging. Taking a step back when needed, instead of rushing in. Rushing in when we feel like we need to.

Life deepens& where reference is does, that is the Universe showing us that we are ready for that alteration, the sole thing there is a requirement to do, is hug it. Do so, being will get good after.

I love you.

Drey< 3

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