Todays world feels so alien and there’s no going back

When I contemplate a few years back, even really to 2019, or look at paints from that time, a motion of nostalgia smacks me – ,, back then, when everything was normal and parties were living their lives more freely.” Thinking back or looking at those scenes feels so strange, “its just like” we ended up in a completely different reality, todays nature feels so alien. It is like a very strange dream and we just need to wake up. Do you remember? Do you recollect when things were so different? When you could go outside and to not obsess or have a negative feeling about anything? When “youve seen” public smile on faces( or any feelings they conveyed )? There are so many negative sentiments we could feel( and can feel) during these epoch like sadness, antagonism, resistance etc. I am not saying if there could be a way back, that’s not what I signify – but the huge leap we are experiencing is the weirdest thing ever, and there is no going back, only forward. But I know we can live more freely again and “normally”, nonetheless, perhaps it’s a long way to go. Stay strong beautiful someones, we got this, the flame always wins.

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