The myth of ‘positive thinking’

Positive remembered is never perfectly positive, negative estimation is never fully negative. That is the meaning of the uncertainty, that always tags any thought.

What is’ uncertainty’?’ Uncertainty’ means that when you are positive, you cannot be certainly positive. The doubt, that positivity is flanked by negativity, always remains. What do you call as a’ positive thought’? A thought that procreates you happy. A thought about your well-being, a thought that you would be alright or better off. A thought of hope.

But hope is never specific. Hope is always accompanied by fear. You hope that you might prevail, but somewhere you are also afraid that you might not. So, there is uncertainty. Similarly, when there is a negative conceived, you save said he hopes that the negative might be averted. Even in matters of despair, you are not fully certain. You restrain clasping to some hope, howsoever ridiculous. This is what is implied when it said that- remembered is dualistic.

Total certainty is non-dual. Non-duality is possible, only when the other side, any kind of otherness, thoroughly discontinues to exist. When there is no’ other’, there is no duality. But where there is thought, there used to always be the other side of the coin.

When you are being’ positive’, ou are looking at one side of the copper, but deep within you know that the other side likewise exists and is just waiting to show-up. A little turn, and everything would change, right?

So, conceived never gives you total assurance. You remain a bit iffy. Everything remains dicey. You cannot fully loosen. You cannot just go to sleep. It ever remains important, hence, to carry your defenses.

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